May 20, 2019

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MS is persistently making great strides in reducing the complexities associated with the functioning of its products and services, to help professional with less technical prowess enjoy the power of automation. Regardless of how many MS Office suites, applications or services you choose to subscribe, you need a one-stop platform to manage, access and update all of them without hassles. MS Office account i.e. offers you a solution for these tasks under one roof.

However, MS Office 365 account works in the same way for people who subscribed to Office 365 suite for its cloud compatibility.

Access your favorite MS products via

MS Office 365 suite incorporates a wide spectrum of advanced applications, features, and latest technologies to automate Office related work for documentation. Collectively, all of them work together in harmony and with absolute compatibility with your Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android – to give you a competitive edge in the personal and professional arena. Everything you need is available at one account.

To access or login your office 365 account, you can visit to explore latest offers, new trends, and stay updated with alerts and notifications on your MS Office 365 suite.

However, things may become a bit complicated if you can’t access your MS Office 365 account due to non-payment of your subscription or due to unexpected network issues. If your package has reached its expiry date, then you need to renew it immediately before MS suspends your services. MS will keep informing you of the latest developments in your subscription package that you can get to know by logging in your Office 365 account via

Here we will explain to you some of the distinguished benefits of having a MS Office 365 account:

  • You only need to pay once after you subscribe to your package on per user license. In case, you are leaving your hometown or going on a vacation, you can disable the services for that particular time-period by visiting your MS Office 365 account.
  • Login your account from anywhere, anytime: Suppose, you are traveling and an unexpected message pop-up on your mobile for an update, you can login your Office 365 account on your mobile and choose to update. All you need is uninterrupted Internet access.
  • Management: Office 365 account gives you direct access to your subscribed products, services and application where you manage and personalize them. A free Office 365 account gives you access to all things digital. You can view the status of your subscription, download and install latest updates.
  • Sign in your Office 365 account to keep everything you need sync in your device.
  • Payments: View the status of your package and update your payment options as well as redeem gift cards and codes and get instant help in Billing, all is manageable at one place.
  • Services and subscription: Renew your products, free services, update, change or cancel your subscription via
  • Devices: Find lost devices, schedule a repair, check reset protection status and many more.
  • Support: Get in touch with MS Customer Support Services for resolution of issues related to your MS Office 365 subscription.

Please Note: Internet connectivity must be accessible through the period of download, installation, and activation of Office products.

After an insightful analysis of Office users, MS office has prepared a list of basic queries most users ask about their Office accounts and products. Let’s take a look at them.

What if “I forget my password” issue appears and stops you from accessing

MS office cannot afford to have valuable customers remained disconnected from the services for long. So, if you’re having trouble recalling your password, Click on “I forgot my Password” option and follow the prompts to reset a new password.

What if you don’t remember your “Username”?

It’s highly rare because Username is accessible by various other mediums. However, if you haven’t saved your username at any particular location Specially, then you should click on “I Forgot my Username” and follow the automated directions to retrieve your lost username.

Why do I need to add security info?

In case, your account is in some sort of trouble, MS Office will use your security info to get in touch with you, and provide you a solution for whatever is ailing your MS account. That’s why you should keep your security info updated all the time.

How do I sign up in with Windows 10?

Windows 10 is the most utilized computer OS nowadays and MS Office is the most utilized software package in the world, due to which people are asking the same questions repeatedly. Here is a step-by-step process on how to sign in your MS Account with Windows 10 by visiting

Is it possible to deploy Office 365 on a device that already has an earlier edition in it?

No, you cannot run the old version of Office 2013 and latest version of Office 2016 simultaneously on the same PC.

However, if you want, you can deploy and utilize Office 2016 with much older versions of Office 2007 and Office 2010.

Does Office 365 have the same version for PC, Mac and other devices?

No, MS Office 365 applications are customized to increase flexibility and user experience. The latest versions of office 365 applications available for Mac, PC, and smart devices are different from each other.


If you face any issue related to your Office account, you can seek expert guidance from senior technical instructors of Microsoft Customer Support Services by visiting, assigned only to look after user-centric issues. You are just a phone call away from them as they are available 24*7 for user’s convenience.