How to sync Windows 10 phone with OneDrive account?

Microsoft OneDrive has sorted out the work management issues for many of us. You can access your files and folders wherever you go. You can share your documents, photos and other files from your Windows 10 phone or other OS. In order to deliver some productive assignments, you can use the Office applications, anytime, anywhere. The OneDrive application for Windows 10 enables you to access and work on the files and documents with ease. With Microsoft OneDrive you can:-

  • Save your work and share the work files from anywhere with free storage space online.
  • Share the photos and videos from your gallery from anywhere to anyone.
  • Easily locate photos with the help of auto-tagging option.
  • Open and save the OneDrive files in the Office applications on which you are working.

Note: – if you want to create an account to OneDrive for Business, then your organization should have access to Office 365 business or SharePoint Online subscription Plan.

How can you add or create OneDrive account to a Windows 10 phone?

You can add personal and work accounts with OneDrive so that you can store and work with files online and share your work online with other users.

  1. Click and open the OneDrive application and then click on ‘Sign in’ option.
  2. If you are already signed in to some other OneDrive account, then you have to click on ‘file menu’> account settings>Add or remove accounts> add an account.
  3. Select the type of account you wish to add (Choose between Microsoft account and Work account).
  4. Now, you have to enter the credentials associated with the OneDrive account and then click on ‘sign in’ option.
  5. You can now upload or work with files in your OneDrive account.

How can you save an Office file in OneDrive application?

When you are working on an Office application, your work file will be automatically saved to the same location from which you’ve opened it. If you wish to save your work file to another location, then follow the steps mentioned below:-

  1. Open your file on which you are working and then click on the ‘Save’ option, visible on the file menu.
  2. Now, click on the option ‘Save a copy of this file’.
  3. Now, click on the location in which you want to save your work file.

How can you open and access the Office application in Windows 10 phone?

  1. If you are prompted to sign in and access recent documents and files, then you can click on the file menu and then “Open” option.
  2. In case you are unable to see the file listed then click on ‘Browse’ option> OneDrive option.
  3. If you still can’t see the file then there might be conditions such as you signed in to more than 1 account or you want to add an account.
  4. In case you are having more than one account with OneDrive, you must click on the file menu and then click on the account you want to switch to and click on ‘All files’ option.

To conclude:-

Microsoft OneDrive has eased the management of your files and folders and you can manage your files from anywhere anytime. It enables its users to be more productive, hence, it is essential to access and work on the files with OneDrive application. In case you want to add an account to OneDrive, you can follow the steps mentioned in the article above.

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